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It was part of a wider conversation about mental health which needs to be heard more often.'She believes her own battle began due to stress at school and the emotional turmoil when her father divorced Lily's stepmother, his third wife Orianne, in 2008.'There was a terrible disconnect that grew between us,' she later explained.'Many of my deepest insecurities stem from my issues with my dad.'It brought back memories of Collins' bitter break-up with Lily's mother, his American second wife Jill Tavelman, in 1996, when Lily was seven years old.Diehard fans who can't wait until Monday evening to catch up on the race for the Iron Throne can tune in to Sky On Demand from 2am. The first time her mother saw the film, Lily says, 'she was a bit in shock.The second time I looked over at the end and she was sobbing — it really hit her hard.'I never wanted her to feel responsible; she's like my best friend.They divorced nine years later, with Orianne getting a £25 million settlement, but were reconciled two years ago.But in her first full interview about the movie, Lily argues that she is simply telling it like it is and hopes vulnerable teenagers will take notice Collins' first marriage, to Andrea Bertorelli in 1975, had also ended in bitterness after five years, when she left him following an affair with a painter and decorator.'My periods stopped for two years and my life was out of control.

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Instead, 28-year-old Miss Collins, the Surrey-born daughter of former Genesis frontman Phil and his second wife, Jill Tavelman, drew on her own teenage experience and reportedly shed 20lb.

It inspired his first solo hit, In The Air Tonight, and he famously promoted the song on Top Of The Pops in 1981 with a conspicuous pot of paint placed on the piano.

Lily, who went to school in Los Angeles, lived with Jill after the divorce and her relationship with her father remained strained.

When she saw the movie, I think she recognised so much of me in Ellen.'She is anxious to emphasise that nobody put any pressure on her to lose weight for the film.'No one set any sort of goal for me in that sense, but I wanted to emulate the character I was playing as much as possible.

When you're acting you do change yourself both physically and emotionally for any role you take — you gain weight, you lose weight, you do anything.'For some extreme shots, the director did resort to computer trickery to further emphasise her real weight loss, and in one scene her body and that of another woman in recovery from anorexia are 'moulded together'.

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