Cid episode 1064 online dating

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He’s had eight dates in the last month, twelve if you count the ones that just show up and leave.Sheldon asks for help with a heavy nitrogen tank down from the roof and Leonard ends up getting it himself.She shares Sheldon's aversion to soiled hosiery and they connect over agreements they had made with their mothers.And all forms of physical contact up to and including coitus are off the table.He tells her that he was a perfectly happy geeky, lonely little guy, and you ruined it for me!He wants to have sex and it's not going to mean a thing.Sheldon does admit that retro-reflector left by Neil Armstrong on the moon that they are using could qualify as a shiny object. Sheldon tells everyone that Zack is a man for Penny. It's the only definitive proof that there are man-made objects on the moon place there by a species that only 60 years before had just invented the airplane.” Zack doesn't know what species Leonard is talking about. Penny and Zack depart with Penny having been embarrassed by Zack.Leonard goes to Penny’s apartment and finds her with Zack, her date, wonders how you can bounce stuff on the moon if there's no gravity up there. They fire the laser and get a return 2.5 seconds later and the guys are excited. Back in Apartment 4A, Howard suggests getting Leonard an online dating profile.

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Raj and Howard sign up Sheldon for online dating and find him a match: a real girl named Amy Farrah Fowler.Sheldon is disturbed that he is going to have to put up with the two of them again.In the morning, Penny tries to sneak out, but disturbs Sheldon.Raj suggests that they create an online dating profile for Sheldon like when Frankenstein's monster was lonely and they found him a wife.Howard corrected him; they did not find him a wife, they made him a wife. Very early in the morning Leonard answers a banging on their door and it’s a drunken Penny.

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