Dating customs in algeria

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Algeria was a virtual one-party regime until the ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) permitted the formation of independent political parties in 1989.This opening allowed the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), a fundamentalist party, to position itself to win the national elections in 1992. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content.Any views expressed are solely those of the author or publisher and do not necessarily reflect those of UNHCR, the United Nations or its Member States.In response, the army cancelled the elections and banned the FIS, triggering the start of a bloody civil war between armed groups of Islamist extremists and the government that has claimed more than 100,000 lives.

The Algerian constitution declares Islam to be the state religion, and over 99 per cent of Algerians are Sunni Muslim.Investigators from the Justice Department allegedly found more than a dozen secretly recorded videotapes of the Mr Warren performing sex acts with other women.An official said one woman appeared to be in a "semi-conscious state".Those living under the poverty line account for 23 percent of the population.Rights of assembly and association have been sharply curtailed since the state of emergency was declared in 1992.

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