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Men apparently debate on message boards which sites have the best potential brides.With booming social media that is free, men no longer have to pay agencies to find them a beautiful eastern European woman.Mail order brides are something you hear about but rarely take seriously.Its a sleazy and sad yet comedic idea to find love over the internet and bring a foreigner who barely speaks the local tongue overseas in order to marry them.I have always been skeptical of online dating, and especially mail order brides.I just cannot believe that meeting someone on social media and bringing them to the US to marry can in any way foster love or have motivations other than sex and money.Adrian Chen wrote an interesting article Ukrainin’ Men: How American Men Are Using the Russian Facebook to Find Brides and this phenomenon.

They create profiles, can browse women’s profiles, and can talk to them, thus planting the seed for a potential relationship.With women becoming more and more successful, they rely less and less on their significant others.Divorced men probably also flock for VKontakte because it is a low risk, high reward potential.Tragically, western men are making this a new cultural phenomenon.With the growing popularity of social media sites overseas, meeting a bride from Eastern Europe (Russia and Ukraine) has become much easier.

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