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A publicity shot of Rory Gilmore at the head of a Chilton classroom?

I’m starting to really wonder what sort of role Chilton is playing in the revival. Chilton playing a small part in the revival is possible.

“I usually have one fall of hockey proportions in every play…not lately, though.

Maybe it’s the Pilates.” Her FANY* winning Broadway debut was as Alice in (James Goldman) with Laurence Fishburne and Stockard Channing.

She was born in Milton Keynes, England, a “new” town, built from scratch and designated in 1967.

A seasoned actress, this is her first cabaret show and her premiere at The Oak Room. The Town with the Concrete Cows Emily Bergl is Irish/English though you’d never know by talking to her.

“I worked thirty-eight hours straight once, we were so over budget, but it jump-started my career.” I Had a Fear of Buying Shoes Concerned that people would think of her as a horror film actress, Emily turned down the sheaf of genre scripts in her mailbox, opting to act Juliet at The Old Globe Theater in San Diego.

But somehow, every day, there’s more news that someone else is joining the revival and reprising their original role on the show.

I can play the concert harp now; the next tv show I get, my character will play it. “They called and asked me to send a headshot for the marquee and I asked what a marquee was.” Her eyebrows go up. MGM Said No One Wants to See Horror Movies Anymore Emily couldn’t afford to move to Manhattan right away. When an old friend lost her job, she shared the bed with Emily. It would be her first time before a camera and, unfortunately, a miserable shoot.

I also have a line on a Theremin.” If Emily had her way, the upcoming Algonquin show would include a xylophone or glockenspiel. The director and visual team were replaced two weeks in for trying to make a film as dark as its predecessor.

In a play you get a shot at it every night.” Hey Cupcake! In the peculiar world of Hollywood, one of the two dogs playing the police animal they’ve adopted, “the one we use for angry scenes,” only responds to commands in Dutch.

Former President Jimmy Carter At 14, the clearly precocious Emily, read an article in that in the same weekend President Reagan was getting two million dollars for a speech in Tokyo, Jimmy Carter was registering voters in Nicaragua for free.

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