Helenbaby dating

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Bill hands her a teacup, tells her she can drink it on her own, and bolts out the door, saying he’s going to an AA meeting. It’s okay for the storytelling not to explicitly remind us of this every four minutes.

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To mark the 60th anniversary of The Archers, Nigel Pargetter fell from the roof of his stately home on New Year’s Day and met his death. A third didn’t believe Nigel would go onto a slippery roof as dusk was falling and, in protest, declared they would stop listening (but drifted back for news of Helen’s baby, Brian’s schemes and the visit of the Duchess of Cornwall). The i Player, a website where you can listen again or catch things you’ve missed, had a great year, its latest version being a collaborative venture between BBC radio and the big commercial groups. Broadcast radio had an astonishingly good year too.

Helen smiles, beatifically, and asks for Betty to come in and sit with her as Barton stitches her up. It’s not quite so abrupt as all that; actually, it’s really milked for all its worth. There are plenty of stories to tell about Betty that don’t involve her domestic or romantic life.

Plus, every television show I watch that’s even tangentially related to medicine has done a “C-section gone wrong!

Of course, they have sex, and Art had promised Gini that he’d made that clear to Nancy already. Bill acts horrified that Gini was even at the key party in the first place, as though he owns any sort of moral high ground.

Art confirms this in front of Bill and Gini, but later, he tells Nancy that he and Gini did have sex, and Nancy makes him describe it in great detail. “You should’ve left that party as soon as you knew what it was.

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