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Hopefully, one day, shippers will realize that Sam Heughan and Jamie Fraser are not same people.

The Scotsman is definitely in love with Mauzy while Balfe is going stronger with her long-time boyfriend, Tony Mc Gill.

Reasons why any young man would do such snl dating game skit a thing and you are under 22 and he is still.

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have what is arguably the hottest chemistry on TV—we dare you to watch ‘The Season one’ wedding episode and try not to blush—so it only figures that viewers would wonder if the charming and oh-so-friendly stars are dating in real life. But Balfe told they are not together but many rumors of their chemistry and relation seem to understand that they are actually dating. Yes, there is very good chemistry between them and when they were seen together in Rugby game, it was proved that there is something special about them which they are hiding.“Outlander” Season 3 is being filmed in South Africa, but it’s not all work for stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan.

He is an accomplished stage and screen actor best known for Outlander (2014), A Princess for Christmas (2011), and A Very British Sex Scandal (2007). People mostly recognize her as Claire Fraser in the Starz drama series ‘Outlander’.In fact, the name of the Scotsman is the answer given when you search “Caitriona Balfe Boyfriend” on Google – adding more speculations that the two are officially dating off-screen.Since the time-travel drama hit television screens, there has been a lot of rumors about who Heughan is dating.He is an active patron of Youth Theatre Arts Scotland and Leukemia and Lymphoma Research. She has appeared in other movies and television series including ‘Money Monster’, ‘The Price of Desire’, ‘Now You See Me’ among others. The Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe dating rumors are still making rounds on the web although the actors have vehemently denied the claims.

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