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When a callgirl receive a call from the client, a button appear on the right side of the screen to start the job. The client can request the callgirl to perform certain actions which includes Kinkydance (if stereo on lot) or woohooing another sim on lot.

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The animator needs to set the appropriate value (eg: for Vaginal/Anal woohoo the arousal change should be set to -60 and -100).Short Term Arousal determines the sims hunger for sex.Aroused sims may sleep on top of covers because naughty things could happen during sleep.The only way to treat the horny curse is to reduce long-term arousal with woohoo interactions. You may enable this through the KW settings menu under Woohoo. Physical Attraction: Based on Gender, Species, Age and Bodyshape.Relation Attraction: Based on Relationship Liking and Interaction Bits (Romantic, Kiss and Woohoo Flags).

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