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Three Ghosts of Christmas Throughout the episode, Alison is visited three times by the Ghost of Murdered Mona, who we’d love even more if her presence didn’t mean that Real Mona was dead (sob). She’s amazing anyway, and she takes Alison on a wee tour of her short, Christmassy life: In the past, little Alison discovers a secret cache of presents inside her piano. Jessica sits her down, and says slowly and carefully: “You only saw one dress. You opened it, and there was one yellow dress.” Alison’s like, “But mom, there are two,” and her mom is like, “Your dad will literally leave us if he knows there were two dresses.” And so Alison is like, omg, “Okay. I'm pretty sure Keegan's acting has actually gotten worse.The director(s) are thinking of their audience as stupider and stupider with each episode, especially in this one. The next morning, the group wakes up (absent any conflicting evidence, we’re just going to assume the Liars all slept together on the ottoman like a pile of kittens as usual) to find that the “roads” are still so “blocked with snow” that no one can possibly get “home.” (Which, reminder, for literally all of them but grandma-traveling Em is just down the block.) So they rustle up some resourceful Christmas magic, and make their own Friendsmas. I’m sorry.” In the present, Mona tells Alison: “Wake up, bitch. And I promise, you don’t want to miss it.” Two Blonde Bitches Let’s rewind back to the Ball for a second. As long as we put our thumb over the screen to block out Ezra’s face, it looks pretty darn adorable. In the future, Moaning Mona leads Alison to a coffin containing her own body. Aria and Emily lose track of Alison for a minute, but eventually spy her entering the Winter Wonderland maze—alone. Inside, she’s pursued by White Cloak, who throws back her hood to reveal… After the song finishes, Sydney pulls Emily aside to tell her that Jenna’s not that bad. Emily pulls Paige aside to smooch her under the mistletoe. Seven Doppel Liars The Ice Ball is cold, but the girls look HOT. It probably wasn’t Lucas, who is the party’s main Santa and thus crawling with lap-sitters (uh, ew). Who is dressed like a reject extra from Bad Santa 4: Naughtier Than Ever. And Ezra, he pulls Aria aside and hands her two giant presents, because nothing says Christmas like flaunting your probably-illegal/definitely-unethical relationship in front of many other impressionable teens and elders! (Likely this is what we can blame for not even a silken luxurious winter coat making an appearance in the blizzard later on.) The girls are dripping with sparkles and cleavage, waiting for Alison to show so they can implement their plan. It probably wasn’t these other Santas who we only see from a distance. Seriously, Holbrook—it is a BLACK TIE event, hosted by a TEENAGER.

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Four Hottie Santas The blizzard rages on, and apparently dumps so much snow on Rosewood that not one of the Liars or their bedbuddies can walk the fourteen steps from the Hastings Manor to her or his own home. They track them through the back hallways, and eventually corner the pair.

A Santa Claus walks by and hands Aria a snow globe – she shakes it and realizes it is a picture of the liars inside it and a note from 'A': "'A’ Takes A holiday And You Should Too.” Meanwhile, at Alison’s house, she is sleeping in her room and the lights start flickering.

She sits up in bed and is shocked when her dead mother walks through the door.

Eleven Liar Logic Plans Okay, so it’s is not the WORST plan the Liars have ever had. It’s Christmas Eve, and Alison is throwing an enormous Ice Ball, because she’s the Queen Ice Bitch and EVERYONE MUST KNOW.

Also it is a charity fundraiser, because she is nothing if not her mother’s daughter. Spencer and Hanna sure haven’t, considering the evident lack of appropriate winter wear they wear to Ali’s later that night. Well, Spencer is nothing if not HER mother’s daughter, we guess. Caleb complains about one of the little girls, who he calls a mini-Ali.

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