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This causes the body to develop problems with blood vessels, bones, muscles, and skin.The symptoms of RSD include bone and muscle pain, muscle spasms, discolored or thinning skin, intense skin sensitivity or burning sensations, increased perspiration, and swelling and stiffening of the joints.You should ask your doctor to fill out an RFC form that outlines his opinion on how your illness affects your ability to work (in particular, to stand, walk, lift, etc.).If possible, your doctor should compare what your capabilities were before the onset of RSD and after the onset of RSD.If you are approved for Social Security Disability Benefits, your date of entitlement to disability will be dependent on the date you made the Social Security Administration aware of your intent to file for Social Security Disability.In the case of SSI, which is a need-based program, your date of entitlement to disability (should you qualify) is usually the date on which you made your intent to file known.You only qualify for disability if your assets amount to less than ,000 plus your car and home.If you are disabled and in need of SSI, by definition, you lack the financial means to support yourself.

The SSA may also ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers about your limitations, to see if their opinions coincide with your statements that pain prevents you from doing certain activities.

Prognosis is dependent on when the disease is diagnosed. Although a diagnosis of RSD alone will not qualify you for disability, you can still win approval if the Social Security Administration (SSA) finds that your RSD prevents you from working. First, to even consider you for disability, the SSA must find that your RSD is a "medically determinable impairment," meaning that there is some objective evidence that you suffer from RSD.

This means that your doctor has documented physical findings in addition to your subjective complaints of pain.

To be considered disabled, for purposes of determining Social Security Disability Benefits, it must be shown that you have a disability which can reasonably be expected to last more than a year or to end in your death.

The five month waiting period which determines your date of entitlement for disability for SSDI is in place partly to make sure that people receiving Social Security Disability Benefits are actually disabled by SSA standards.

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