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At some point you will start to go searching for that special someone on your own. Similarly like going to the grocery store you need to develop a shopping list of what you are looking for before you search: hair & eye color, body type, frequency of exercise, religion, activities they like or do, any children, drinking, smoking, income level, job, lifestyle, ethnicity, common interests or marital status just to name a few.Building your search criteria is sort of like going into a grocery store with a shopping list. After you have selected your goods and created your list of what you want in the online store, you perform your search.When you finally get here you get to see, touch, poke and observe your selection in person, and they you. The dating process and information gathering stages are ongoing from this point. What are you prepared to hear from your chosen one about their past history or future goals?How long does it take for one person to get to know another? Will that change how you feel about your chosen partner?They will either move along or contact you by sending you a smile or email of some sort. Now it’s up to you to view their profile and reply back or move along yourself.

Within each of these are so many different types and brands, which do you really want? But there are also a lot of the very good products mixed in.

In the future, it will be interesting to see if a similar consistency can be found between the latter and Generation 4 methods.

In today’s technological era more often people choose to look for a potential relationship partner directly on the internet – using a variety of online platforms such as Inbox Dating, which is one of the most popular dating portals in Latvia.

In particular, their binning of this history into 4 sequential “generations” provides a convenient way of thinking about the evolution of this science, which I paraphrase below. Utilize only those data that pass tests of clocklike behavior.

Generation 3: Utilize all the data, and allow the molecular clock(s) to vary in rate across phylogeny according to some prior model.

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